The aim of this project is to design and develop a motion tracking system to track the movement of objects by the use of a camera attached to a desktop PC.

The system should be capable of tracking objects in real-time and displaying the results of the motion tracking to the user. This should be done by a combination of edge detection and motion tracking techniques, with the emphasis on speed rather than accuracy to ensure that the tracking is done effectively in real-time.

The camera should be mounted on two motors to enable its position/direction to be automatically altered via a link to the PC to keep any object being tracked within the field of view of the camera.

The project is split into two parts to accommodate the constraints of two separate projects. The motion tracking/edge detection part of the project should be done as the fourth year studentís part of the overall projects, whilst the camera control and video capture should be done as the third year studentís part.

Integrated together, the two parts of the project should produce a system capable of the complex task of motion tracking, whilst remaining simple to use via a user-friendly graphical user interface.